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Photography is something that I've always loved...My interest in photography began with photographing nature and wildlife, because being outside brings me happiness.  Then, my passion grew to include photographing people doing things that they love...I enjoy capturing real life moments between children and parents,  brothers and sisters,  a peaceful baby sleeping,  love between a newly engaged couple,  generations of a family celebrating joyous moments, a wedding day when new chapter begins, or the natural beauty of a mother-to-be.  I would say, that many of my own joyous moments in life, have led me in search of opportunities to share my photography with friends and family...and now, with anyone at all!   I hope you enjoy my work...although, to me, it's love.

 My goal is to build a positive client relationship and to provide you with quality images at a fair price.  Please contact me  to discuss your creative photography needs. 

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